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Your Inner Child

Your Inner Child Workshop

Venue & Dates:

Croydon, Sunday 30th April 2017 ............................BOOK

Liverpool, Sunday 25th June 2017...........................BOOK

Nottingham, Sunday 19th November 2017.............BOOK

Cost: £75 including tea and coffee

Maximum of 18 participants

Certificate of Attendance / 6 CPD hours

Written and facilitated by: Catherine O’Riordan Integrative Psychotherapist MBACP / UKCP

No prior experience of working with the inner child metaphor is required. This workshop is written for trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. Within a secure and supportive setting you will draw on your personal experience of reconnecting with hidden aspects or parts of yourselves.

Your Inner Child Workshop is a relational and developmental, whole person approach, to working people living with trauma experiences.

Your Inner Child Workshop is underpinned by humanistic values and informed by infant and child development theory, object relations theory, attachment theory and neuroscience.

The aims of the workshop are:

    To better understand the 'inner child' metaphor
    To explore and share your personal experience of discovering and connecting with your inner child
    To explore how to work clinically from a relational and developmental perspective using the inner child metaphor
    To nurture your relationship with your own inner child

By the end of the 1-day workshop you will better understand:

    How to work safely with unconscious processes
    How to work with a variety of 'defence' processes
    How to nurture your relationship with yourself
    How to help client's establish a better relationship with themselves

Your Inner Child Workshop has grown out of my on-going journey to understand and befriend my own inner child parts, my private practice as a relational developmental Integrative Psychotherapist and out of my MSc research entitled 'A Descriptive Phenomenological Inquiry into the Client's Experience of Reconnecting with Hidden Aspects of Self within the context of Integrative Psychotherapy'.

“Welcoming, holding environment. Thank you so much”

"I liked your engaging style and personal discloures"

"Apart from the specific focus on the inner child metaphor, I have taken a great deal away from how you work therapuetically"

"Brilliant. Thank you. Please do more training / workshops"

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Mobile: 07875 816 205

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